Embracing New Identity to Build Strong Farms for a Strong Future



The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has a new name – Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW). This initiative represents a new strategic mission, vision and identity more firmly aligning the efforts of Wisconsin’s dairy farmers to expand growth opportunities domestically and around the world.

"As the marketing and promotion arm for Wisconsin’s dairy farmers, this new identity puts the dairy farmers squarely at the center of what we do and provides a much stronger platform to share the Wisconsin dairy story," says Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin CEO Chad Vincent. "Our organization exists to be tireless advocates for our dairy farmers, to help these family businesses thrive because they, and the fruits of their labor, are the heartbeat of the industry and our state."

"The dairy industry is facing several challenges, including globalization of our markets, increased regulation and ongoing low prices for milk," says Jeff Strassburg, Chair of the Board of Directors and a fifth generation Wisconsin dairy farmer. "This change will put Wisconsin dairy farmers in a better position to help us grow and stay focused on the future."

The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin builds awareness of Wisconsin-produced dairy products by creating national publicity, managing digital advertising, and driving sales, distribution and trial through retail and foodservice promotions. It also supports in-school education about the benefits of dairy and funding for the UW Center for Dairy Research.

As a key economic engine of the state, the dairy industry contributes $45.6 billion annually to Wisconsin’s economy, generates tens of thousands of jobs and supports a variety of allied industries – as well as communities – throughout the state. Ninety percent of the milk in Wisconsin goes into making cheese, and 90 percent of that cheese is sold outside state lines, generating statewide income across multiple economic sectors. Through the partnership between farmers and dairy processors, the state has seen Wisconsin specialty cheese sales outpace the cheese category overall and per capita consumption of cheese more than double since 1983.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board changing its name to Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin?

  • This change represents the organization’s new strategic mission, vision and identity; more firmly aligning our organization with the efforts of Wisconsin’s dairy farmers to expand growth opportunities domestically and around the world. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin communicates the people we represent: the hard-working dairy farmers of this state who produce the quality dairy products that consumers want more of.

Why now?

  • This change will put Wisconsin dairy farmers in a better position to grow and focus on the future. It is more cost-effective to make this change now while we are also making a number of other changes – including a new logo for cheese and dairy products, and websites. We are also working with industry partners to develop strategies for dairy product exports and focusing on programs that have significant impacts that will drive demand and sales for Wisconsin’s world-class dairy products.

Does this mean Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin employees are dairy farmers?

  • No, though many members of our organization are dairy farmers or come from dairy farm families! Our organization is overseen by the 25 dairy farmer board of directors that are elected by dairy farmers in their district. The farmer-directors meet regularly to review the strategy, programs and finances of the checkoff dollars. The marketing, research and promotion programs are executed by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin staff. For more information, please visit our page highlighting the power of the checkoff.

How do I continue working with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin? Are the current programs changing?

  • You will still work with the same team. Every program is evaluated, reviewed and evolved to be as effective as possible to optimize the return for the dairy farmers.

Are you affiliated with Dairy Farmers of America?

  • No, we are not affiliated with Dairy Farmers of America, which is a national dairy cooperative. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is the marketing and promotion arm for Wisconsin dairy farmers as part of the state’s dairy checkoff program.

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