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Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Winners Capture Flavors of America
Mascarpone, Provolone Team Up with Maine Lobster for Top Spot

Aug 29, 2013
Wisconsin Cheese fans have taken the iconic grilled cheese sandwich to new heights in the recent Wisconsin Cheese recipe showdown. The Grilled Cheese Academy has announced winners of the competition, naming a New England style lobster roll made special with Wisconsin Mascarpone and Provolone.

"The Kennebunkport" slathers Maine lobster with both cheeses and a kick of chili paste on thick country-style bread slices. This year's winning contest entries mirrored the diverse flavors of the U.S., ranging from Southern-style fried chicken and waffles topped with Wisconsin Pepper Jack and Wisconsin Smoked Gouda Cheese to Latin-inspired chorizo sausage and crispy potato puffs blended with Wisconsin Pepper Jack and American Cheese.

The first place winner received gourmet kitchenware and a $1,000 MasterCard gift card. The recipe will be featured in the 2013 Grilled Cheese Academy Recipe book along with ten other winners who took home prizes, including gift cards and Wisconsin Cheese baskets.

Sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, the contest invited contestants from around the country to create the tastiest, most unique grilled Wisconsin Cheese sandwich.

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