Marieke™ Golden Ready to Shine

Spring '13 | Vol. 19, No. 3

The newest creation from Holland’s Family Cheese is Marieke™ Golden, a raw-milk, semi-soft American Original crafted with farmstead-fresh milk and aged on wood pine planks from Holland. Marieke Golden made a splash at the recent 2012 World Cheese Championship, winning  Best of Class in Open Class Semi-Soft Cheeses. Cheesemaker Marieke Penterman suggests enjoying the cheese with Chardonnay or brown ale, or pairing it with spiced nuts, maple syrup or dried apricots. 

  • Available in 18-lb. wheels
  • Available in 7-oz. pie cuts
  • Available in 1/2-lb. cake cuts

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Marike Penterman, Holland's Family Cheese
N13851 Gorman Avenue
Thorp, WI 54771
(715) 669 5230, Fax: (715) 669-5260