Roth® Wisconsin Offers New Bold Flavors

Spring '14 | Vol. 20, No. 2

To meet consumer demand for bold, adventurous flavors, Emmi Roth USA has introduced two new flavored cheese varieties under the Roth® Wisconsin brand. Chipotle Havarti balances smoky and spicy flavors with creamy Havarti, while 3 Chile Pepper Gouda combines jalapeño, chipotle and habanero for a unique
south-of-the-border flavor.

These spicy specialties round out “The Fiery Five,” an assortment of boldly-flavored Roth® cheeses, which also includes Horseradish Havarti, Jalapeño Havarti and Peppadew® Havarti.


  • All are available in 6-oz. retail cuts
  • Havarti varieties available in 9-lb. loaves
  • 3 Chile Pepper Gouda available in 6-lb. loaves and 10-lb. wheels

Manufactured by:

Emmi Roth USA

Retail & Foodservice Contact:

Kathy Preston
Emmi Roth USA
657 2nd Street
Monroe, WI 53566
(608) 845-5796 ext. 116