Cow Candy Entices Young Cheese Lovers with Whimsical Flavors And Colors

Summer '14 | Vol. 20, No. 3

Cow Candy was created by cheese industry veteran Danyel O’Connor. Inspired by her son, nieces and nephews, she wanted to introduce cheese snacks to kids in a playful and delicious way. The result is a colorful snack offered in whimsical candy flavors without all of the sugar. Made with all-natural Wisconsin Cheese, Cow Candy tempts little taste buds with the fruity flavors of Green Apple, Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape and Strawberry. It’s a fun snacking option for kids of all ages. Each serving contains 75 calories and 5 grams of protein.

  •  Available in .75-oz. portions in 8-count packages and club store 12-count and 16-count packages

Manufactured by:

Cow Candy

Retail & Foodservice Contact:

Danyel O’Connor
Cow Candy
2750 Capitol Drive
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
(608) 825-8161