Wausome Wafers Are Cheese Crisp Snacking Sensations

Summer '14 | Vol. 20, No. 3

WausomeWafers are crispy, savory crackers made from 100 percent Wisconsin Cheese. That’s it. No other ingredients. Brian Gunning, founder of Wausome Foods, started baking cheese crisps as a bachelor pad snack and later as an alternative to conventional cheese crackers for his kids’ lunchboxes. Now he’s found a way to package these tasty treats in a unique triangular box that protects the fragile wafers and also tells the story of the Wisconsin dairies and creameries from which the cheese is sourced.

Available in Clever Cheddar and Hug & Kiss Colby/Swiss, Wausome Wafers make great snacks, but they can also be served as a cheesy, crunchy garnish for salads and soups. The company plans to introduce additional flavors later this year.
  • Available in 2-oz. packages

Manufactured by:

Wausome Foods

Retail & Foodservice Contact:

Brian Gunning
Wausome Foods
2200 Rookery View Drive
Rib Mountain, WI 54401
(715) 316-9522
Email: brian@wausome.com
Website: www.wausome.com