Stella Hand-Rubbed Cheeses Now Available in Wedges

Winter '15 | Vol. 21, No. 1

Stella® Hand-Rubbed Cheeses are now available in 8-ounce exact weight wedges. Mediterranean Parmesan is enrobed with delightfully earthy flavors of tomato, extra virgin olive oil and a bold blend of spices. Naturally aged for 10 months, this Italian-style cheese offers buttery and nutty flavors enhanced with savory flavors of paprika, sesame seeds and garlic. Rosemary Medium Asiago is carefully hand-rubbed with extra virgin olive oil and rosemary. Black Pepper Romano is cloaked with a veil of cracked black peppercorns.

Made in Wisconsin, the cheeses are carefully aged for a minimum of 5 months to allow the flavors to seamlessly meld together. All three Stella cheeses make excellent additions to any cheese plate and grate wonderfully over pasta dishes or steamed vegetables.

• Available in 8-oz. exact weight wedges 
• Available in 10-lb. random weight wheels

Manufactured by:

Saputo Cheese USA Inc.

Retail & Foodservice Contact

Brian Loch, Saputo Cheese USA Inc.
3018 Helsan Drive
Richfield, WI 53076
(262) 677-3407