Noble View Cheese Company Unveils New Dover Fields White Cheddar

Fall '16 | Vol. 23, No. 1

Noble View Cheese Company’s new Dover Fields™ White Cheddar is a cellar-aged, alpine-influenced Wisconsin white cheddar. Aged for 9-18 months, this sweet, tangy and nutty cheese has a crumbly, yet creamy texture that pairs well with brown ales, dry merlots and aged bourbons. 

Noble View Cheese Company’s factory in Beechwood, Wisconsin, has been producing cheese for more than 100 years. Known for its traditional cheesemaking techniques and wide variety of ethnic and savory flavored cheeses, Noble View Cheese Company continues to create unique artisan cheeses made with only the highest quality milk from Wisconsin 
dairy farms. 

• Available in 5-lb. loaves  
• Available in 8-oz. wedges and exact weights
• Available in 18-20-lb. wheels

Manufactured by:

Noble View Cheese Company

Retail & Foodservice Contact

Jay Noble, Noble View Cheese Company
(920) 994-9306