Sartori Adds Spicy Chipotle to BellaVitano Lineup

Winter '17 | Vol. 23, No. 2

Sartori’s new Chipotle BellaVitano® is a bold addition to its flavor-packed family of award-winning Wisconsin cheeses. Hand-rubbed with a south-of-the-border inspired blend of seasonings, this cheese balances savory smokiness with the sweet and creamy BellaVitano base.

Prior to its public debut, Chipotle BellaVitano impressed an international audience at the biannual World Championship Cheese Contest. Noted for its bright flavors and rich texture, Chipotle BellaVitano received 2nd Place in the Flavored Hard Cheese category. Since then, this flavorful cheese has secured five more prestigious awards both domestically and internationally.

• Available in 20-lb. wheels 
• Available in 5-lb. quarter wheels and 10-lb. half wheels
• Available in 5.3-oz. wedges

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Sue Merckx,Sartori
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