BelGioioso Expands Italian Cheese Line La Bottega di BelGioioso

Winter '18 | Vol. 24, No. 2

BelGioioso® Cheese is pleased to add three new cheeses—Pepato, a sweet, nutty asiago cheese sprinkled with whole black peppercorns; Italico™, an earthy washed-rind cheese; and CreamyGorg®, a 90-day aged creamy gorgonzola —to its handcrafted specialty line of Italian-style cheeses La Bottega di BelGioioso®.

Each cheese from the La Bottega di BelGioioso® collection is made with local Wisconsin milk using traditional Italian cheesemaking methods passed down for five generations. Additional varieties include sweet and nutty 24-month aged American Grana®, mild and tangy Crescenza-Stracchino™, mixed-milk Gorgonzola, zesty Peperoncino® Asiago Con Chili Pepper, sharp 24-month aged Provolone Extra and Artigiano,™ a sweet, hard cheese made in small batches and available in three unique flavors—Classico, Aged Balsamic & Cipolline Onion and Vino Rosso.


• Available in 4-oz. and 8-oz. wedges


Available in 4-oz. wedges


• Available in 4-oz. and 8-oz. wedges

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BelGioioso Cheese

Sean Moran, BelGioioso Cheese
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