Cesar’s Cheese Celebrates Cow’s Milk With Handmade La Pinta Cheese

Spring '13 | Vol. 19, No. 3

Cesar’s Cheese introduces La Pinta, a cow’s milk cheese that draws inspiration from Spain and Mexico. With a basketweave design pressed into the rind, the cheese is aged for three months. La Pinta has a creamy texture and slightly sharp flavor.

La Pinta means “mark” or “spot” in Spanish. Cheesemaker Cesar Luis and his wife Heydi chose the name in honor of the spotted Holstein cows that produce the milk for the cheese, and as a nod to the town of Columbus, Wis., where the cheese is made. They suggest pairing the cheese with fruit or adding it to seafood and pasta dishes. 

  • Available in 8-lb. wheels and retail cuts

Manufactured by:

Cesar's Cheese

Retail & Foodservice Contact:

Cesar Luis
625 Western Avenue
Random Lake, WI 53075
(414) 520-5266
Email: hbarrad96@aol.com