Landmark Creamery Introduces Tallgrass Reserve

Spring '15 | Vol. 21, No. 2

When Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates met at a Wisconsin potluck three years ago, the women quickly discovered they shared more than a name. After bonding over a shared passion for farming and local food, they joined forces to start Landmark Creamery

Tallgrass, one of their first creations, is handcrafted with pasture-grazed milk from the heart of Green County. The rind is rubbed with smoked paprika and olive oil and aged six weeks to three months. New Tallgrass Reserve has a natural, moldy rind and is aged a minimum of six months. The result is a buttery, creamy cheese with a mild tang and earthy finish. 

Tallgrass Reserve can be added to an elegant cheese board with honey, membrillo and cured meat. Try pairing it with a fruity Beaujolais, wheat beer or bourbon. It also grates well and melts beautifully for cooking applications. 

• Available in 10-lb. wheels

Manufactured by:

Landmark Creamery

Retail & Foodservice Contact

Anna Thomas Bates, Landmark Creamery
W1237 Brooklyn Albany Road
Albany, WI 53502
(608) 345-1282