Garlic & Pimento Gouda Expands Saxon Creamery Offerings

Spring 2015

Saxon Creamery’s new Garlic & Pimento Gouda is a flavorful, versatile 
cheese perfect for snacking or cooking. The creamy, butter gouda is complemented by a hint of garlic and the sweetness of pimento peppers. It’s perfect for a new grilled cheese sandwich or shredded over soups and chilis. 

Saxon Creamery was founded in 1848 by the Klessig family. Five generations later, the family still owns and operates the creamery in Cleveland, Wisconsin, taking great care of the 850 acres of pasture that supports their Holstein/Jersey crossbred cows. 

• Available in 12-lb. wheels

Manufactured by:

Saxon Creamery

Foodservice Contact

Lisa Hall, Saxon Creamery 
855 Hickory Street
Cleveland, WI 53015
(920) 693-8500, Fax: (920) 693-8400