Burnett Dairy Elevates Snacking With Flavorful String Cheeses

Fall '16 | Vol. 23, No. 1

Burnett Dairy is enticing cheese lovers of all ages with a new Garden Veggie String Cheese. Made with part-skim, low-moisture Wisconsin mozzarella and all-natural vegetables, this protein-packed snack comes individually wrapped for convenient, on-the-go freshness. Garden Veggie joins Burnett Dairy’s lineup of innovative string cheese flavors, including Pepperoni Pizza, Zesty Teriyaki, Hot Pepper Beef, Smoked and Creamy Original.

Founded in 1896, Burnett Dairy Cooperative is owned by farm families who work side-by-side with crop and dairy experts to produce milk of outstanding quality.

• Available in 7.5-oz. packages of 9

Manufactured by:

Burnett Dairy Cooperative

Retail & Foodservice Contact

John Landmeyer, Burnett Dairy Cooperative
(612) 803-6909
Email: john.landmeyer@burnettdairy.com
Website: www.burnettdairy.com