Grassland Dairy Expands Retail Line with Clarified and Spreadable Butters

Spring '17 | Vol. 23, No. 3

Family-owned, Wisconsin-based Grassland Dairy Products, Inc. has added Clarified Butter to its collection of retail and foodservice products and ingredients. This clarified butter is 99 percent milkfat and made from fresh rBST-free cream. Great for grilling, sautéing vegetables and topping seafood, this clarified butter also contains little to no lactose.

Grassland Dairy’s full retail line also includes Spreadable Butter. Conveniently packaged in a new, bright red resealable tub, the spreadable butter is made with fresh Wisconsin sweet cream, salt and a touch of canola oil.

Available in 8-oz. tubs

Manufactured by:

Grassland Dairy Products, Inc.

Retail & Foodservice Contact

Shawn Kolano, Grassland Dairy Products, Inc.
(715) 267-7767