Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Ltd. Award-Winning Company

1173 N 4th St.
Watertown, WI 53098
Phone: 920-261-6363
Fax: 920-261-9606


The story of Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese begins in the small Wisconsin community of Watertown. It was here that Tony Kraemer, a lifelong farmer, decided to build a small dairy business on his property. Could Tony, the patriarch of the Kraemer family enterprise, ever have envisioned that three generations later, his family would still be carrying on the tradition for fine dairy products and service he began in the 1920s? Perhaps not, but that's where Kraemer is today! What started as a family farm and door-to-door milk route is now a high-end cheese retailer, carrying on Tony's legacy as a shining example of hard work, family values, attention to detail and quality products.




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+ Cold Pack Award-Winning Cheese


Forms: 1 lb. Blocks, Bulk, Chips/Pats, Continentals, Cups, Prints, Reddies, Whipped
Varieties: Salted, Unsalted


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1173 N 4th St.
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Phone: 920-261-6363
Fax: 920-261-9606
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