2019 4-H Dairy Promotion Program
Presented by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin


All 4-H youth organizations in Wisconsin are invited and encouraged to participate in the 2019 Dairy Promotion Program, presented by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

Please read the information below carefully to take advantage of the opportunity to earn dairy promotion merchandise.

  • The 4-H Dairy Promotion Program is open to all Wisconsin 4-H clubs in good standing.
  • Any 4-H Club who conducts a local cheese and/or dairy promotion and educational activity that builds excitement and trust for Wisconsin dairy products and Wisconsin Dairy farmers during June Dairy Month are eligible.
  • Successful dairy promotion reports will receive $50 towards merchandise from the Wisconsin Cheese and Dairy Gear online store: www.CheeseAndDairyGear.com. Gift certificates will be issued beginning July 1, 2019 and will expire June 30, 2020. *One per club, per year.
  • All 4-H clubs will submit their own dairy promotion report form online.
  • The completed dairy promotion report form must be well-organized with a complete event description.
  • All submissions must include a photograph of your activity or event with your report. The report form and photo(s) should be entered no later than November 1, 2019.

"Hooray Wisconsin Dairy,” our 2019 campaign, pays special tribute to our dairy heritage with an iconic and memorable look that will be featured on print materials, throughout social media elements and inexpensive promotional items in the Cheese and Dairy Gear Catalog. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin has available, at no cost to you, cheese promotion materials, including cheese and dairy trivia and brochures. The June Dairy Month Promotional Catalog is filled with additional promotional materials including, poster and flyer templates, dairy and cheese fact sheets and other signage. 


Best Practices for Dairy Promotions with Purpose

Great promotions don’t have to be fancy or expensive, but they do need to be planned and executed with a purpose.  Here are a few tips to plan a great and purposeful promotion.

Identify and Know Your Audience
  • An ice cream social with your 4-H club is a great celebration, but is not a promotion. Promotion always needs to include some education and reach an audience that needs to learn or be introduced to Wisconsin Dairy.
  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they need to learn/know about Wisconsin Dairy?
Provide education and information
  • Recipes
  • Cheese pairing guide
  • Nutrition information
  • Reach out to DFW for brochures, infographics, coloring sheets, activity sheets, etc.
  • Share where your samples can be purchased, or where they can visit a dairy farm, etc.
Share your Dairy Pride
  • Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland.Use supporting graphics, signs, banners or other materials to enhance your promotional event.
  • Why are you choosing to promote the product(s)?Is it a locally made?Is it award-winning or is it a must-have local favorite?Share why YOU enjoy real dairy.
Partner Power
  • Work with local grocery stores, cheese factories or dairy processors to sample locally made Wisconsin dairy products
  • Bonuses of partnering may include product discounts or opportunity to provide a coupon for Wisconsin dairy products.


If you have any questions about the 2019 4-H Dairy Promotion Program, please contact:
Beth Schaefer or Vicki Janisch at hello@wisconsindairy.org