Dairy Promotion Funding Report

2021 Grant Funding Application  

How will you champion dairy promotion in your area?

The DFW Board of Directors recognizes the valuable work that local level dairy promotion groups do to elevate Wisconsin dairy farmers and Wisconsin dairy products.  DFW is proud to support local dairy promotion efforts through funding and promotion messaging and resources.  

Grant Funds Use 

Annual Dairy Promotion Grants are awarded to County Dairy Promotion Groups for the exclusive purpose of implementing dairy promotion and education activities at the local level.  Grant criteria is set by DFW and maximum per-county grant amounts are set annually by the DFW Board of Directors.   

DFW is the official check-off organization for Wisconsin dairy. Rules for check-off funds use are governed by the Administrative Rules from Wisconsin Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (ATCP). Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin operates under very strict fiscal rules to ensure dairy farmer dollars are only used for promotion, education and research of dairy and dairy products.  As such, all funding grant dollars awarded for local dairy promotions fall under the same rules.  

Here are the quick highlights of the “Do’s and Don’ts” for dairy promotion funds use. For full administrative rules visit Wisconsin Administrative Code for Marketing Orders.   


  • DO identify Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin as a sponsor for each of the promotion programs/events listed in the grant application. 

  • DO report your promotion activities and metrics by January 31 of the following calendar year via the Dairy Promotion Funding Report found on the Dairy Dashboard at wisconsindairy.com  

  • DO have 2 representatives – one being an officer, participate in the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin Dairy Promotion Fall Conference. 

  • DO follow through on proposed dairy promotion activities/events. Unused funding will be carried over and deducted from the next grant application year OR unused dollars will need to be refunded to DFW by March 31st of the following calendar year*. 

*Due to COVID, this requirement has been waived for 2020 funds – funds from 2020 can be carried over to 2021 and will need to be reported as part of the 2020 and 2021 funding reports. 

Do Not 

  • DO NOT use grant dollars from DFW for anything other than promoting dairy products and Wisconsin dairy.   

  • Promotion funds CANNOT be used to: 

  • Influence state or federal legislation or rulemaking – ATCP 140.47(e) & Chapter 96.16 

  • Directly impact milk pricing or supply – Chapter 96.18 

  • Make or deliver products – ATCP140.47(5) 

  • Make any gift or gratuitous payment for which the recipient gives no bona fide consideration. - ATCP140.47(6) 

  • DO NOT disparage the quality, value, sale or use of any other agricultural commodity.  

  • DO NOT make false claims about Wisconsin Dairy Farmers/Farming or *Wisconsin Dairy Products.  

*Wisconsin Dairy Products are defined as “made from milk from bovines produced in the state of Wisconsin.” 

Dairy Promotion Funding Grant Application Timeline 

  • January 1st - New Grant Applications available on the Dairy Dashboard 

  • March 31st – New Grant Applications DUE 

  • January 31st – Grant Report due 

Funding Checklist  

  1. Complete and submit the online Dairy Promotion Grant Application. Upon application approval, your treasurer will then receive a copy via email of a Promotion Purchase Order – aka the expectations and legalities of use of funds. 

  2. Sign and return the Promotion Purchase Order agreement (see example below). The sooner you sign and return this PPO, the sooner grant funding can be dispersed.   

  3. Funds dispersed via check or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) 

  4. Complete Grassroots Annual Report and include all required information. 

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