National Dairy Month

Celebrate Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

Resources to Promote Dairy

This year’s National Dairy Month campaign’s tagline “Celebrate Wisconsin Dairy Farmers” embodies the key focus of the campaign – telling farmer stories to help Wisconsin residents connect with farmers and build trust.  

Due to COVID-19, we are sharing resources that promote Wisconsin dairy and dairy farmers while allowing volunteers and communities to continue to be vigilant in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Your support in sharing Wisconsin dairy farmer stories and building dairy love is key to reminding everyone in Wisconsin to celebrate dairy – an industry that represents our heritage and future.

Here are several assets that can be used to celebrate Wisconsin dairy farmers and remind consumers to buy local Wisconsin dairy.


Challenge followers to a trivia contest on your social media page.

Social Media

Shine a light on Wisconsin Dairy Farmers and engage your followers on social media with these downloadable assets – including suggested copy to post on your page.

Pinterest Recipes

Consumers have returned to their kitchens in a big way – share recipes to get your community cooking with delicious Wisconsin Dairy Products.

Radio PSAs

Work with your local radio station to play the pre-recorded 30 second PSAs or use these scripts to create your own.

Mobile Dairy Experience is a great mobile resource for dairy trivia, listening to dairy inspired music on Spotify, games and more.

Community Support

Encourage your community to make a donation to the Hunger Task Force or Wisconsin Food and Farm Support fund to keep milk flowing in Wisconsin and help those experiencing food insecurity.

Download All Assets

Download a zip file of all social media, radio and digital assets.