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The greatest unknown when planning a June Dairy event is always “what will the weather be on the day of the event?” – well, that is until 2020. How do we plot, plan and prepare for events that are still many months away in the unknowns of Covid-19?

Since none of us have crystal balls, we will need to consider options that will allow volunteers and consumers to safely celebrate America’s Dairyland. This year, time is on our side, so begin conversations with your committee and your hosts as soon as possible.   

Here are a few important considerations to discuss with your committees as you evaluate how you will plan and promote June Dairy Month 2021:
  • What is your biggest goal in hosting a June Dairy event? Is it to provide an on-farm experience…Offer hands-on education…Serve a traditional dairy breakfast? What is the most important outcome that you want to achieve and what other ways could you meet that promotion goal/education goal if you can’t have a traditional June Dairy event?  
  • Have a conversation with your county public health officials. Find out what protocols are currently in place for gatherings, serving food and for sanitization.   
  • Have a conversation with your insurance agent. Find out what your event/liability insurance may (or may not) cover if a volunteer or attendee contracts COVID at your event. 
  • Talk to your key volunteers. Check on their ability/willingness to help.  
  • What types of events have been successful in your area in 2020? Drive thru, virtual, socially distanced in-person…Ask other organizations what has worked for them (or not worked) to carry out promotions and traditional events. 
  • What is your plan to pivot?  We are optimistic that vaccination protocols will help improve our current situation, but there are no guarantees that current mandates and restrictions will be lifted by late spring. Discuss what a Plan A and a Plan B might look like for your National Dairy Month promotion. 

National Dairy Month Roundtable

Thank you to all those who were able to join the February 4th  National Dairy Month Roundtable. This open-mic meeting featured lots of idea sharing and Q & A around drive-thru events and how to plan for 2021.   Miss the Zoom?  You can catch the Zoom Recording (use the access passcode: g5?pN0s!) and review the notes.