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America's Dairyland

Wisconsin's Pride & Passion

We’re pretty spoiled here in Wisconsin. No other place in the country has the same access to such exceptionally produced dairy. And it all starts with our dedicated dairy farm families. They're committed to treating their cows and land with the utmost care and respect because quality care yields quality products. And quality products create happy dairy lovers. It’s just one of the ways we’ve earned the name America’s Dairyland.
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We believe Wisconsin Cheese makes the world a happier, tastier place, so we’ve put together a directory of Wisconsin cheese companies that offer online cheese shopping.

Checkoff at Work

Your Checkoff Dollars

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is the marketing and promotion arm for Wisconsin’s dairy farmers. Learn how we're driving demand for Wisconsin Dairy.

Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese

In Wisconsin, we dream in cheese! Discover the cheese life and how we own the Cheese State title.

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Our Board has direct involvement in planning and monitoring the organization's marketing and promotional programs.



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Wisconsin Proud

Life on the Farm

Wisconsin's dairy farm families are committed to driving our state forward. Not just economically, but through sustainable farming practices and providing the utmost care for their cows.

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