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Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is a non-profit entirely funded by Wisconsin’s dairy farm families’ National Dairy Checkoff Program. Applying those funds to smart, strategic initiatives to promote the Wisconsin dairy industry and products made with milk from Wisconsin cows is not only a fiduciary responsibility, it’s at the pulse of everything we do. 

Our programs are designed to help drive sales and volume of Wisconsin dairy. Through our funding, Wisconsin Dairy Companies have accessibility to strategic initiatives and support for their business.


Our sole purpose is to be a tireless ADVOCATE, MARKETER & PROMOTER of Wisconsin’s exceptional dairy farming community. If you have questions, please contact your account representative:

Dairy Company Funding

Support Programs

The Proudly Wisconsin Cheese and Dairy badges are more than logos. They’re badges of honor that immediately communicate the superior quality, flavor and craftsmanship of any dairy product that bears it.

Our programs are set up to help fund promotional efforts undertaken by local dairy companies utilizing the badges so you can better spread the word about the Wisconsin dairy industry and dairy products made from Wisconsin cow milk!

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Cheese and Dairy Company Support
Market Information

Market Information

Our research helps Wisconsin Dairy Companies identify new opportunities, find new markets, and target new product development to meet the needs of a changing consumer.

Food Safety

Food Safety

Learn about how the CDR is helping make high-quality dairy products, and how the FDA is focusing on preventing foodborne illnesses.

Dairy Export

Dairy Export Support

Ready to show the rest of the world what you can make? We have teamed up with organizations that can help you navigate the exporting process.

Retail and Foodservice

Discover how we are working with National Retailers and Foodservice Operators to drive promotions for and demand for Wisconsin Cheese.

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