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As global demand for cheese and dairy continues, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin can assist you in developing your business to meet export needs.  Within the export business, key partners including USDEC, DATCP and DBIA provide tools, resources and funding to help Wisconsin Dairy Companies be successful in the export business. 

Together we can help share the World’s Most Awarded Cheese across the globe and showcase why Wisconsin is the State of Cheese.

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Our mission is to drive awareness and volume of Wisconsin Dairy.
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Mexico, Canada, South Korea And Japan accounted for 64% Of Wisconsin Cheese exported In 2022


90% of Wisconsin milk is used to make Wisconsin cheese and 90% of Wisconsin cheese is sold outside the state


In 2022, Wisconsin exported Cheese to 48 countries


U.S. cheese exports are forecast to grow 22% over the next decade, averaging 2% growth per year between 2021 and 2031

How to export

Steps for export
Develop a Plan

1. Develop a Plan

An international development plan helps set you up for success.  Key elements of the plan include objectives, implementation schedules and milestones for success. 

Sample Plan

Identify Markets

2. Identify Markets

Competitive advantage opportunities and market research helps define your target markets


Market Requirements
Pricing Your Product
Sending Samples

5. Sending Samples

  • Food and agricultural products require special documentation
  • Export Certificate Guidelines document
  • Ensure documents are complete and accurate
  • Shipment documentation
    • Freight forwarders coordinate logistics of shipment and can provide a variety of export and import documentation
    • Learn how to work with Freight Forwarders by viewing Food Export Webinar, Export Essentials:  Working with a Freight Forwarder to Prepare your Export Shipment
Connect with Buyers
Market Promotion

7. Increase Market Share with Market Promotion

DFW will assist with International Programs that align with marketing and promotion of WI dairy products.  Examples of promotional programs that will help support your export efforts include:
  • International website
  • Social Media
  • Marketing and point-of-sale materials
  • Package and label modifications
  • Fees for exhibiting at select trade shows
  • Freight costs for samples

8. Funding

Funding is available through export partners, including:

DFW Wins Governor’s Export Award

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