Meet Our Farmers

The Documentary Series

"I'm a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer"

Farming is a labor of love – a love of land, cows, family and feeding the world. The "I’m a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer" documentary series profiles the diverse, dimensional and witty Wisconsinites who relish in early morning milking and working shoulder to shoulder with family while taking the time to pursue passions in tech, photography, running and even flying!

As jacks of all trades and masters of many, this series showcases the pride Wisconsin dairy farmers have in the work they do and the common values they share with the people who consume their dairy products.
Eastern Wisconsin

Big Shoes to Fill: Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy

Farming is a labor of love for Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy, LLC. The care of the land, animals and the family tradition of dairy farming is something they will pass onto the next generation.

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Central Wisconsin

Labor of Love: Feltz Family Farms

The Feltz family and their neighbors work to improve the quantity and quality of the Little Plover River for farmers and the local community to enjoy.

Learn about the Feltz family
Western Wisconsin

Game Changer: Heller Farms

Wisconsin dairy farming has changed from generation to generation. For Cody Heller, that means doing a better job producing food not only in Wisconsin, but throughout the nation and beyond.

Watch the Heller's Redefining Dairy
Western Wisconsin

Never Stop Learning: Ocooch Dairy

Balance. Collaboration. Continuous Improvement. As a veterinarian and a farmer, that's what Jim lives by and what he wants to pass down to future generations.

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Central Wisconsin

A Lasting Legacy: Brooks Farms

Founded in 1855, Ron is the 5th generation of dairy farmer to work on Brooks Farms. His family have been promoting sustainable agriculture practices for years, and he is focused on leaving a sustainable legacy for the generations to come.

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Central Wisconsin

Three Men & a Dairy: Grass Ridge Farms

Matt is a County Agent helping other local dairy farmers, so he doesn’t have a lot of time to run his farm. Luckily his sons Paul and Carl have come home with dairy science degrees (and a computer science degree to boot) to help.

Visit the Silicon Valley of Cows
Southwest Wisconsin

One Foot After Another: Kieler Farms

Renee's mornings start before 3 a.m., with 5 hours spent in “her office,” a 12-ton front end loader. As the mother of 3 young daughters, she has her hands full. That hasn’t stopped her from also training for and running marathons.

See How Renee Breaks Down Barriers
Northeast Wisconsin

Follow the Light: Sandy Valley Farms

Danae's genuine love of animals is readily apparent by the way she identifies her 400 milking cows by name. She displays this passion through her photography of cows and their owners, which has become a second career.

Meet Danae & Her Photogenic Cows
Southwest Wisconsin

The Risk & The Reward: Heartwood Farm

Laura and her family put it all on the line to pursue their dreams of being Wisconsin dairy farmers. Today, they couldn't be happier or more excited to see what other dreams will come true next.

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