Dairy Education

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A Dairy Education from Start to Finish

Share the entire story of dairy with your kids – from the time it leaves the cow, to its life at one of our processors, all the way to the minute it lands in your cereal bowl!


K-4th Grade

For primary grade classrooms, use these resources to educate students about dairy, nutrition and farming. The age-appropriate Book Lessons will help students discover how their food travels from farm to their table and the three We Are America’s Dairyland videos can be used to supplement these books or be shown separately before a field trip to a local farm. The Virtual Dairy Farm Tour is the perfect way take a field trip to a dairy farm from the comfort of your own classroom and the additional resources listed are fun activities to keep students engaged.


Dairy Lesson Plans

Add a close-to-home perspective to your grades 2-4 curricula with our standard- based lesson plans inspired by dairy farmers.

Dairy Math

This lesson follows a day in the life of a dairy farmer, challenging students to use their math skills to help care for cows, practice sustainable agriculture, and help the farmer’s family follow the USDA MyPlate guidelines for healthy eating that students can then apply to their families’ meals at home.

Farm to Table

This lesson teaches students about the importance of local agriculture for the community and reinforces MyPlate nutrition guidelines for healthy eating to help inspire students to grow their own food in a school or home garden.

Book Lessons


Other Resources

"Farm to Table with Wisconsin Dairy" Video Lesson Program

4th Grade

Help your students discover healthy foods grown or produced in Wisconsin Agriculture using our 15-minute video field trip across the state – a perfect match for your Wisconsin History unit. Additional resources are included.

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5th-8th Grade

Aligned with national standards for middle school classrooms,  these Fuel Up to Play 60 Learning Plan lessons focus on nutrition, agriculture, environmental sustainability and STEM topics.

The Fuel Up to Play 60 Learning Plan Overview

High School

New resources coming soon!

Discover Dairy

Bring the dairy farm into your classroom, with Discover Dairy! This resource for educators includes our popular Adopt-A -Cow Program, dairy education curriculum incorporating Common CORE and STEM standards and a variety of activities and videos targeted to Elementary and Middle School students.

Adopt-A-Cow Program

The Adopt-A-Cow Program provides year-long virtual experience for students to care for a Wisconsin calf, learn about her life on the farm, interact with a local Wisconsin dairy farmer and bring Wisconsin agriculture into your classroom. The program is ideal for both virtual and in-person learning !


Ever wonder what happens on a Wisconsin dairy farm? Meet Julia Nunes, dairy farmer and the 74th Alice in Dairyland, and take a tour of her family farm, Scientific Holsteins. Experience first-hand a day-in-the-life of a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer!