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Storytelling in Action

The Wisconsin Dairy industry has incredible stories to tell and messages to share. A lineup of speakers specializing in topics such as sustainability, dairy checkoff marketing efforts, family-owned farms, and more is available to assist in building trust in Wisconsin Dairy. Subject to request and availability, DFW (Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin) is happy to provide in-person professionals and resources for your upcoming event.

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Suggested Speaker Topics


Current Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin Programs

Without positive promotion, consumers only hear competitors’ messages. Dairy Farmer of Wisconsin’s impact on driving dairy demand and our success as a marketing organization is measurable and a testament to the staff, led by the board of directors – farmer representatives from around our state. To learn more about current programs we have underway and what’s on the horizon for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, request a speaker. Request a Speaker

Availability of Wisconsin Dairy in Retail

Wisconsin produces 25% of the nation’s cheese, including about 50% of the nation’s artisan and specialty cheeses, and 90% of Wisconsin cheese is sold outside of the state. How can consumers know which cheese is from Wisconsin and just how special that is? Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin created a marketing campaign and brand to solve this issue, and then launched it into retail markets across the country. Request a Speaker

Wisconsin Exports

The world is a big place, but Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is building partnerships and networks to export dairy wherever possible. Through the joint efforts of the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC), Center for Dairy Research (CDR), Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) and Wisconsin Cheesemakers, we’re researching and developing products to meet the demands of international markets and their consumers. This front is ever-changing so topics will always be fresh and relevant! Request a Speaker 

Rind-Blowing Marketing Tactics 

Wisconsin consumers are lucky to know about the high quality and variety of dairy in our state. National and in-state marketing are changing the way consumers think about dairy. To learn why and how Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin was able to pivot localized marketing strategies to reach a broader, yet targeted audience on a national scale, request a speaker. Request a Speaker 

Social Media in Marketing Efforts 

Social media is an ever-evolving marketing tool and DFW has identified innovative ways to reach target consumers online. By monitoring trends, creating desirable content, analyzing metrics, and taking smart risks, marketing campaigns are continuously improving at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. Learn why we’re at the forefront of marketing and how we’re changing the landscape of checkoff possibilities. Request a Speaker 

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