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Reintroduction to Dairy


The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin farm tour guidebook, "Reintroduction to Dairy: On-Farm Event Guide," is a quick reference for helping you give a successful farm tour. The booklet was developed with school groups in mind, and can be easily adapted to fit any audience to help you provide a positive, fun-filled dairy tour experience.
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The guide is divided into five sections:

  1. Get Involved
  2. Maximize This Opportunity
  3. Key Messages
  4. On-Farm Best Practices
  5. Supporting Materials


Download the Guidebook

Make Your Wisconsin On-Farm Experience a Safe and Healthy One

Are you visiting a Wisconsin Dairy Farm? Wisconsin dairy producers are proud to invite their urban friends and neighbors to their farms to experience today's dairy business. Producers want to make sure that these farm tours result in a safe and healthy experience for everyone. And they are just as concerned about the health and safety of their farm animals and the land around them.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you visit a dairy farm.
  • Be sure to wear clean shoes. If you have visited other farms earlier in the day, change shoes or wear disposable plastic boots that can be discarded after your visit. Dirty shoes can spread germs and bacteria that are harmful to dairy animals.
  • The USDA advises that no one visit any U.S. livestock facility for at least five days after visting farms in other countries with contagious animal infections such as foot-and-mouth disease.
  • Pay close attention to all signage regarding biosafety and biosecurity that your host farm may have posted.
  • Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before you eat (especially important for children) using soap, running water and disposable towels. Bring antiseptic towelettes or antibacterial handwash in case wash stations are not readily available.
Following these few guidelines can help make your farm visit memorable and safe for your family and for our dairy farm families and their animals.