Dairy Company Programs & Funding

As an organization, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) has the fiduciary responsibility to use checkoff funding wisely to promote the Wisconsin dairy industry and the dairy products made from our cows' milk. Our programs are setup to help Wisconsin dairy companies promote your brands and spread the word about your products across the market!

Our support programs are developed to help you with your business.  Program support is funded based on:

  • Fund availability as determined by the DFW annual budgeting
  • DFW pre-approval of programs and promotions
  • Identification with the Proudly Wisconsin Badge or Master Cheesemaker’s Mark on product
  • Proper utilization of the marks must be followed in order to qualify

Application process:

  • Apply for support through the online applications below
  • Your application will be reviewed and approved by DFW via an email notification
  • A purchase order from DFW is issued
  • Once the materials/event are completed, submit necessary documentation along with an invoice


If you have questions, please contact your account representative:

Label Support

Proudly Wisconsin Label Support

Is your dairy company ready for a new label to clearly define you as a Wisconsin brand?

Demo Support

Demo Support Application Form

We're offering demo support to offset labor costs and help you share your flavors.

Advertising Support

Advertising Support

An application with advertising, collateral, or POS materials must be submitted at least two weeks before the start of the advertising period or production of materials.

Trade Show Support

Trade Show Support

We're offering support to partially offset the booth cost of your next trade show.

Contest & Competition Support

Contest/Competition Support

We're offering support to partially offset your entry and shipping fees.

Show Wisconsin to the World

Export Your Dairy Goods

We're teaming up with several organizations to help Wisconsin cheese & dairy companies navigate the process of exporting their product.

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