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As you’re staying in your home with family or friends, having fresh dairy is important to keeping everyone healthy. Dairy farmers remain committed to your well-being which is why they’ll never stop providing for you. Many have asked questions about dairy’s role in immunity health. Eating a balanced diet with a variety of foods to get essential nutrients is important to help maintain a healthy immune function.

Milk not only tastes great, it also is an affordable good/excellent source of 9 essential nutrients. But, did you know that three of the nutrients – vitamin A, vitamin D, and protein – are essential for a healthy immune function? Vitamin A helps support healthy immune cells. There is emerging evidence that vitamin D plays a role in helping to maintain a healthy immune function, too. Research has shown that vitamin D can increase cellular immunity, which helps the body kill bad bacteria.

How You Can Help

With 3% of the nation’s restaurants already permanently shutting their doors and millions of students out of school, the normal markets for dairy are no longer available to farmers. Family farms and local businesses need support more than ever. We've had many people asking what they can do to help our state’s signature industry, so we’ve rounded up a list of the top ways you can support them.

Buy dairy when buying groceries.

When buying groceries, look for the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese™ and Proudly Wisconsin Dairy™ badges to identify the world’s most award-winning cheese and highest quality dairy products.

Purchase cheese online.

Check out the complete directory of more than 40 Wisconsin cheese companies that will ship cheese directly to your door.


Share access to high-quality nutrition. Donating milk and dairy products to your favorite local food bank or make a donation to the Hunger Task Force – milk and other dairy products will get delivered to a Wisconsin food bank in need.

Cook with Wisconsin dairy!

Find hundreds of recipes and all the inspiration you need to get cooking. Share pictures by using #ProudlyWisconsin.

Support local restaurants.

Check out the complete directory of more than 40 Wisconsin cheese companies that will ship cheese directly to your door.

Support Schools.

School closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic are taking a serious toll on students in Wisconsin and nationwide, many of whom depend on school meals for their daily nutrition. Consider raising your hand and donate to this GENYOUth Emergency School Nutrition Fund.