Female and Diverse Farmers

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Farmer Stories

We’re all spots on the same cow, each spot with characteristics that make them unique—a perfect metaphor for the dairy industry in Wisconsin. Once considered a man’s job, more women are taking on a variety of dairy roles, from herdsperson to butter maker to farm owner. The dairy industry doesn’t have one look or feel—that’s the beauty of Wisconsin dairy!

Farmer Stories

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Newton, Wis.

Grotegut Dairy Farm 

Just like calves are the future of the farm, women are an integral part of the future of dairy farming. Rosario Ibarra, general manager at Grotegut Dairy Farm, believes that there’s no limit to what women can accomplish on the farm. After immigrating from Mexico for a college placement at a local dairy farm, she fell in love with her career and the welcoming nature of America’s Dairyland, making big strides and ultimately landing her current leadership position. Now overseeing the dairy heard at Grotegut Dairy Farm, Rosario has made it her goal to uplift other diverse farmers so they can achieve the same as her—all while bringing different skillsets and perspectives to the farms and communities they serve.

Hatley, Wis.

Fischer-Clark Dairy Farm

Heidi Fischer is a leader in the dairy community—not just because she continues to hold several leadership positions, but because of her constant advocacy for dairy farmers like herself. In 2020, Heidi was elected to the board of directors for the Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, an organization dedicated to giving each and every farmer a voice. Heidi’s dedication to giving other farmers, especially women, a voice has shined through her meetings with Congress, U.S. politicians, other dairy farmers and leaders across the industry.