Brooks Farms

The I'm a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Series

A Lasting Legacy

Ron Brooks is a 5th generation dairy farmer who takes a lot of pride in his farm's sustainability practices and maintaining the quality of his land. A few years ago, his daughter Zoey returned to the farm to be the 6th generation. "I grew up on this farm. I've been here all of my life. I'm the 5th generation and Zoey will be the 6th. And when you're standing on the shoulders of giants that have taken this legacy this far, it's kind of scary."

The best thing about being a dairy farmer for Ron? Working with his family. "We accomplish and we fail together... I don't know if there's any greater validation for your life's work than a child coming to you and saying I want to spend the rest of my life building on your legacy. That's about as big as it gets for me."