School Dairy Vending

School Vending Spreadsheet

School Dairy Vending

As part of our commitment to school vending programs, the Wisconsin Dairy Council has created a Google Doc database that includes Vending Products, Vending Sales & Service Companies, and Best Management Practices for Vending.

To help us keep this list current and helpful, please add your school's products and vending service companies, as well as any success stories you'd like to share!
Guidelines and Resources


To help navigate the new Smart Snacks guidelines, the Wisconsin Dairy Council put together a brief overview of the requirements for vending and competitive food items sold during school hours.
Smart Snacks Vending Guidelines

All food sold during school hours is a part of DPI’s audit for school nutrition programs.

Be sure to discuss your vending items and any questions that you might have with your school’s nutrition professional. 
Please feel free to contact us with any questions related to your milk and dairy vending machines.

Additional Resources
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