Dairy Education

Teacher Resources

Resources for elementary, middle and high schools to support your curriculum including materials to download and videos.


Educator Lessons

A Dairy Education From Start to Finish

Share the entire story of dairy with your kids – from the time it leaves the cow, to its life at one of our processors, all the way to the minute it lands in your cereal bowl!

K-3rd Grade

For primary grade classrooms, use and discuss these three short videos before a field trip to a local farm, after the field trip as a review or as part of classroom lessons about Wisconsin Farms. Short segments fit into busy classrooms and can be used separately or together.

Educational Resources

"Farm to Table with Wisconsin Dairy" Video Lesson Program

4th Grade

Help your students discover healthy foods grown or produced in Wisconsin Agriculture using our 15-minute video field trip across the state – a perfect match for your Wisconsin History unit. Additional resources are included.

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5th-8th Grade

Give your students a "moo" perspective of what dairy farms are actually like.

Educational Resources

High School

Your students can take the free Cheesecyclopedia® self-study course offered online where they'll learn everything about cheese—how it's made, categorized, stored, aged and more. All they have to do is create a profile to begin. Use code CCY for free registration.
(must be 13 or older)