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Wisconsin Dairy Farms

Dairy farm families have been a part of Wisconsin for over 180 years. Today our state is home to nearly a quarter of the nation's total dairy farms, 95% of which are family owned. Our farm families understand the importance of keeping cows healthy and comfortable, as well as managing land and water resources. Their stringent standards ensure Wisconsin cheese and dairy products begin with safe, quality, wholesome milk.

Meet the families behind Wisconsin dairy and learn about their dedication to their animals, environment and communities.
Working 365 Days a Year

Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

Farming is a labor of love – a love of land, cows, family and feeding the world. Our I’m a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer documentary series profile the diverse Wisconsinites who relish early morning milking, working shoulder to shoulder with family, and taking time to pursue passions.

Meet Our Farmers

Why is Wisconsin America's Dairyland?

Wisconsin is #2 in nationwide milk production, generating 2.44 billion pounds of milk per month.

Wisconsin has...

Over 7,000 Registered Dairy Farms with an Average of 150 Cows per Herd.

They produce HALF of WI's $104.8 billion agricultural economy.

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Our Cows

Wisconsin Dairy Cows

These aren't your ordinary cows. Their farmers are committed to treating them with excellent care and respect.


Environmental Stewardship

Compared to 40 years ago, today's dairy farms produce milk with only 21% of the number of cows, 35% of the water, and 10% of the land.

June Dairy Month

Discover. Taste. Celebrate.

Celebrate June Dairy Month with our farmers by attending a dairy breakfast or event.